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Water from Air

A Personal Remedy for the California Water Crisis

As California rainful continues to become more sporadic, more and more stress is being put on the fragile state water supply. Quality drinking water is harder to obtain. Buying water fills the landfills with plastic, what else can be done?

We can make drinking water from air. The air is full of moisture, it just doesnt always fall as rain. An Atmospheric Water Generator takes the humidity from the air and purifies it into drinking water. Think a high efficency dehumidifier coupled with a high quality water filtration unit.

These residential units produce up to 8 gallons of water a day. Even if you just run the unit, and use it drink, cook with, and help water your vegetable garden you are making a positive difference in your own small way in your local water environment.


Why Ecoloblue

I have been researching the issue off and on for the last year, and it seemed the best company out there right now in terms of reliability and company longevity is Ecoloblue. There were some issues with leaky filters, which they have solved with a new quick change filter design. There are companies that make more expensive table top AWG out there that produce less water, and you can find instructions on how to make AWGs though they are still not cheap, but I wanted something that would simply work out of the box.

Many have paid $1000-$2000 for a high quality tap water filtration system, so the cost of the EcoloBlue seemed reasonable. The Unit Cost is between $1200-1800 USD, plus about 23$ a month in filters [though is only changed every 6 months] An off grid Solar model complete with converter and solar cells is available for just over $3000.

One of my biggest concerns was that I wanted to SEE the unit and TASTE the water first before proceeding further. Also, just as with Reiki, my greatest interest is not just in having Reiki myself, but in enabling other people to have it also. So I went to Pacheco, CA to visit the headquarters, tried the water and liked it very much.

On Display at SOTO's True Earth Market in Cambria * SOON*

So I spoke to Soto's Market True Earth Marked in Cambria, and they were delighted by the concept. I am buying a unit to put in their store, and will pay them a small commission for each one they sell.

The unit will arrive sometime in early May. I am most excited about it. Cambria has been in the news often regarding the severity of the water problem, is on the coast so has high humidity, and many visitors.

Will it Work Well where I am?

This is a map of average relative humidity in July. The unit should work well in any areas with blue or green. Areas where the temperature gets cold in the winter [like New England] may have to supplement with other sources in the winter, cause cold air holds less water.



How to Order:

Email Jessica or Call

Allow 6-8 weeks to delivery.