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Roots of Reiki in Japan & Beyond

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Past Kurama Trips = Video slide shows of my past trips I have led to Reiki's Birthplace near Kyoto Japan.

...Part of the reason I keep going, and bringing others with me is a chance to spend time in a special place. Mount Kurama, the mountain where Mikao Usui received Reiki, is on the outskirts of the legendary city of Kyoto. Kyoto itself is full of amazing temples, gardens, and 12 centuries of history. I ,however, spend most of my time on the mountain - getting to know the place, hiking, sitting, meditation, and taking pictures...

US Shinto Shrine Celebrates Usui's birthday - at Shinto Shrine Near Seattle

A Shinto Shrine near Seattle is celebrating Mikao Usui's birthday on August 15th (2010). This would be Mikao Usui's 145th birthday. Mikao Usui is the founder of Reiki. He is the man who meditated on top of Kurama mountain in the early 1900s and received the energy of Reiki, and began teaching it in the early 1920s.
I found out about the celebration ....

Sanskrit Symbols on Kurama's Altar, and Connection to Reiki

...It is an altar for Kurama Kokyu, the small sect of Buddhism that runs Kurama mountain. Kurama Kokyu has roots in Tendai Buddhism, as this mountain was Tendai for most of its 1200 year history, but it has significant differences as well...

Hayashi Comes to the US

It is wonderful to have some historical documentation on Reiki to validate our history. We heard that Hayashi came to Hawaii in 1937 to train Hawayo Takata in Reiki, and now we have a copy of the passenger arrival record to prove it.

Letter from a Shinto Priest about Kurama-san

...Thank you also so very much to teach me the background information of Usui Kaiso and also so nice information of you and your wonderful book..(I have not read it, only thumbed through it--I am looking forward to read it after Streich-san presents a copy to Kamisama on 15th).
I am not the Reiki practitioner and have only visited Kuramasan one time... as the professional Kannushi/ Shinto Priest I led a group of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America Sukeisya/ shrine members to Kuramasan,...