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Advanced Reiki Self Care

Reiki self-treatment is typically covered in Reiki 1, as part of teaching hand positions. Many people find that self-treatment is not as powerful as healing other people. In Reiki 2 and beyond many additional techniques are taught that can add power to your Reiki Healing. (Techniques with * in front are techniques I (Jessica Miller) developed.)

Advance Reiki Self Treatment

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Breath of Joy

Draw/or visulize a power symbol or Usui Master symbol, and place your hands around it and say its name three times. Then say "Joy, Joy, Joy" Then breathe in the energy of joy into your lungs and belly. Hold your breathe a moment, then exhale the joy through every cell of your body. Repeat 7 times.

Reiki Cushions

Sitting in Reiki energy is great to help you focus your day. Draw Reiki symbols over the cushions of your chair. If you wish you could even draw them on fabric and put them inside your cushions for extra power. The Mental Emotional Symbol is a great aid to this, as it will help the chairs occupant focus on mental, emotional and will power. This can be especailly helpful for issues of school work, tax time, and getting stuff done.

Sleep Button

Tracey Kincheloe has created a very innovative Reiki Technique she calls a "Sleep button". She has been using it for a number of months now on herself and clients with great results.

Creating a sleep button has two phases, a creation phase and an activation phase. While you need to have use of the Reiki 2 symbols to 'install' a sleep button on someone, once installed anyone can activate it, making this great thing to do for clients, friends and colleagues.


  1. Locate the spot just above their heart. (either on self, on other person or distance).Visualize a disc-like button at that spot 3-4 inches across.
  2. Draw or intend the mental/emotional and distant Reiki symbols into this button
  3. Repeat 3 times an affirmation like "I install this sleep button for restful sleep at such time as they need it"
  4. Draw a power symbol to seal the energy into the button.
  5. Instruct the client in how to use their sleep button (to follow)
  6. Tell client that Button may need to be refreshed (reinstalled) if it stops working well.


  1. Instruct the person to tap their chest in that spot when they want to go to sleep and say "Sweet Sleep" 3 times (or similar short phrase).


Tracey continues to get great results with this technique in the months she has been doing this. In the write up she sent me the first week she tried it she was already getting great results.

A friend was able to sleep fine all week, who normally cant sleep without TV, a back massage and sleeping pills.

A friend in Kansas - where it worked 3 times in a row.

On herself if she woke up in middle of night and couldn't sleep.