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Beyond the Basics

Want more than the basic information on Reiki. This page contains information on Reiki that goes beyond the basics, of interest to current Reiki practitioners and others.. and includes a link to the Reiki explorer website for even more.


Advanced Self Care

Most people learn Reiki self treatment position in Reiki 1, and never do anything more sophisticated. Learn new techniques for better Reiki selfcare.

Includes powering up your space [and testing it] Gassho meditation [from traditional Japanese Reiki] Reiki Undo [from traditional Japanese Reiki] and more.

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Reiki Laws in California

What you need to know to start to know about the laws in California if you want to be a professional Reiki practitioner. What has to go on your client information wavier?

How do you keep Reiki from being percieved as massage when you get a business license.

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Reiki Japan

What is Japanese Reiki like? What was Japan like during Mikao Usui's lifetime? What is it like to have climbed the mountain where Mikao Usui recieved Reiki more than 108 times?

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Battle to Regain Holistic CEs for Nurses

California recently became the another state, along with Ohio, to deny CE credits to nurses who take classes, and nobody was informed. I found out only recently when I tried to apply for a provider number. It was then I was told the breathtaking statement: "It has been determined that Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) including Reiki is not considered the practice of nursing." Susan C. Engle, BRN staff member that manages the BRN CE program told me of this in an e-mail from Dec. 14, 2015. I have been in contact with the American Holistic Nurses Association, Healing Touch, and other Reiki and Holistic CE providers. Nobody knew of this change. Learned what has happened since then, and sign up for progress reports.

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Advanced Webinars / Online Sessions

This page links to my ongoing advanced training program and links for private online Reiki sessions.