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Reiki at School

I have trained a number of parents and school teachers over the years, and they have all found Reiki to be very useful in the following ways:

Test Anxiety

Many students find that anxiety makes them do poorly on tests. Reiki can be used to reduce or eliminate test anxiety, improving student concentration when studying the material, and when taking tests.

Brain Reiki

Working with Learning Disabilities

Reiki can be helpful with working with learning and speaking difficulties.. Send distance healing tothe source of the disabillity, and all theissues related to it. Putting the hands on the throat can help nourish that part of the body, supporting the body learning and adapting to condidtions. Speech therapists that have taken my class have found that they had results with students after using Reiki on them regularly that were more than they would have otherwise expected.



Support Kids from a distance

Clearing the Energy of the Class Room

Many of the kids that act out in class are psychic. Part of the reason they have trouble in school is that they are reacting to all restlessness and scattered energy of the children that have sat in the same classroom before them. Grounding and clearing the energy in the classroom, and adding some positive calm energy before the students arrive, makes it easier for kids to focus and pay attention.

Brain Reiki Before Tests
The biggest reason both kids (and adults) do not always fair well during tests is panic. Using the mental/emotional symbol can cut down on test anxiety. Ideally use Reiki when taking the class, studying, and on test day.
Some of the people I have done this with are college students with math anxiety. One person had failed a professional exam twice and had only one more chance. I did Reiki on him, and that helped him be relaxed enough to get through it, and pass.