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Reiki on Animals

Reiki is amazing on animals, not just because of the wonderful effects Reiki has on them, but because when you see results, you know it is not a placebo. Animals, after all, cannot read a Reiki bochure.

How to do Reiki on Animals

Reiki for animals is very similar to Reiki on humans. It helps them relax and heal more quickly. 

Reiki can accelerate the healing process, de-stress, ease pain, and improve quality of life.

Introduce animals new to Reiki by letting them approach your hand. They may be uncertain of this new energy at first. A good idea, too, is to intorduce Reiki to the animal while they ar tired. Young, happy and healthy animals may not need nor want Reiki, but older, sick, and stressed animals will be more open to Reiki. Animal will often change in how they react to you, more oft than not becoming more cuddly than otherwise expected.

An animal’s energy system is similar to a person, just the modify hand positions. Animals typically need less treatment time than people. Animals will often shift their body to help you know where they need to be treated.

Animals with pain, such as arthritis, may do better to have energy lifted out as well added in. Animals that are restless, or are not appropriate to handle, can be healed distance, even if you are in same room (Reiki 2).

Animals sometimes take on the energy of their owners, trying to assist in the health of the pack. They carry pain and discomfort of those around the house. It's good to clear and energize pets and their auras. You can even attune a pet to assist with the duty of helping those ailing in the home.

Reiki can help with symptoms and delay onset of diseases.  It’s great for speeding recovery from surgery. Reiki can also be done through bandages, or without touching. Reiki can help energize and revitalize older animals, and help with discomforts of aging.  Reiki helps dying animals feel comfort, relief from pain, reduced anxiety, and helps with transition into death.

Reiki can also be helpful in assisting animals overcome issues with abuse. They might not want to be touched at first;  just be gradual, calm, and slow. Be patient, let them come to you. Remember, you can do distance Reiki, even in the same room of the house.



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