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Reiki and Your Profession: Athletes to Zoologists

Reiki is helpful for more than simply healing. Reiki can be used various useful and surprising ways by people with differing careers. The uses of Reiki are limited only by one's imagination.

The main ways Reiki can help in your professsion are

1) Helping you, clients or customers be more relaxed and alert

2) Clearing stress energy and putting positive energy into your work so people have better attitude of you and company

3) Sending distance healing to important clients, projects, product, and coworkers

4) Reducing Sick time from migraines, illness, and injury recovery


The following are ideas and stories based on my 20 years of teaching Reiki to people of all possible professions, and how Reiki can be useful to them at work.


Actor - Reiki can help with acting jitters, and in removing energy blocks from in front of the throat area. Teaching Reiki in Southern California, I train many aspiring actors.

Athletes - Reiki is great for immediate first aid on strained muscles. It also speeds the healing of new and old injuries alike. One of my students had a daughter in softball, and if anyone injured, she would do Reiki on them. Soon girls were coming to her for help.

Artist - Art is about projecting a feeling or idea through a particular medium in a beautiful or interesting way. Reiki can be embeded in art to bring out the intention.

Auto Mechanic - Working on automobiles is difficult work. Reiki can help with aches and pains of the job, as well as clearing energy in waiting rooms.


Bookkeeping - A number of bookkeepers have taken my Reiki classes, and have found the energy helpful for keeping clients calm.

Bus Driver - One of my students drove a shuttle bus for the airport. He found filling the shuttle bus with Reiki resulted in calmer, more relaxed customers, more likely to tip!


Corporate - Reiki is great for helping affect the odds on thousands of factors that go into business success from improving the atmosphere and morale of a building, to distant healing to encourage receivables.

Coach - A number of life coaches and a few sport team coaches have taken my class. Very helpful for helping focus on the their dreams, and making progress towards achieving them.

Complaints Department - One of my students worked in the city complaints department, and would send distance healing to the phones to help relax and focus the people who called in.

Crime Scene Investigator - A crime scene investigator sees many difficult cases, and can't in the moment do anything but do their job. But sometimes, afterwards, certain cases stick in the mind. Being able to send distance healing to these cases, especially when you dont know all the facts, can be very reassuring.


Dancer - Reiki is excellent for the aches and pains of dance. One of Jessica's Reiki techiniques is amazing for helping the body move more smoothly.

Dentist / Doctor - Reiki is amazing for making waiting rooms more peaceful, and helping tense patients relax. Reiki is often excellent assist for hard to diagnose cases, and improving bodies ability to heal itself.

Dispatcher - Send healing and positive energy to everyone speaks to to improve job performance.


Energy Healers - Typically report at least a 50% increase in healing energy after learning Reiki. Reiki makes use of the same energy channels that most healers use naturally, but sources it differently.


Firefighter - Reiki is very helpful with longterm recovery from smoke inhalation, sending distance healing energy to support at-risk firefighters', aches and pains.

Fitness Trainer - Reiki helps with aches and pains, and with supporting people in achieving their goals.

Florist - A bit of Reiki can help flowers bouquets last best, and increase their impact on the reciever.


Greeter - Reiki is great for filling the room with positive energy so people feel more positive about your location.

Groomer - Reiki is excellent for working with animals, helping them to relax and making the grooming process easier.


Horse Trainer - Reiki is excelllent for animal and people aches and pains, and helping animals relax in new environments.


Insurance Claims Asssesor - Reiki can be sent to families dealing with diffiucult loss.


Janitor - Janitors are in excellent positon to send healing to the location where they work, making it better for all that live there.


Kennel Worker - Reiki is great for working with animals, to help them relax, and deal with other animals socially.


Lawyers - Reiki on the chairs clients sit in can be very helpful for getting them relaxed. Energy can be sent to the outcome of the case can help all go more smoothly.

Librarians - Reiki is good for creating a soothing, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere.


Martial Arts Instructor - Reiki is excellent for the aches and pains of martial arts. One of Jessica's Reiki techiniques is amazing for helping the body move more smoothly. Many martial arts involve sensing and strengthening the "ki" of the body. Reiki makes it much easier to demonstrate this to students, and teaching them Reiki improves their ability.


Nurses - Reiki can be used when treating clients, to help nurses better handle the stress and demands on the job. It can be used for distant healing work on specific clients. Since Reiki works differently than modern medicine, it is often effective on ailments modern medicine finds difficult - including pain management, migraines, and stress. Continuing Education Credits available!


Occupational Therapists - A few minutes of Reiki can help improve mobility and ability to perform excersizes.


Photographer - Help clients relax and project for the camera. Postive energy photograph often can be felt in the photographs taken of the place or subject.


Psychic Readers - Reiki tends to make psychic gifts clearer and easier to use. Reiki gives readers a powerful tool to help support positive change in their clients by introducing new transformative energy into difficult situations. Psychics who see untapped healing potential in their clients often refer them to Reiki classes.


Receptionist - Reiki is amazing for waiting rooms.

Real Estate Agents - Reiki can help find the right buyer for the right house. Space clearing helps each house feel more welcoming and removes any unpleasant, heavy energies left by the previous occupants.

Retail Clerks - Clearing the energy of retail stores helps customers feel more comfortable. Reiki energy can also help merchandise stand out.


Singers - Reiki can help relax the voice to give it a fuller quality, and help with stage jitters.

Soldiers - In early summer, 2004, I taught a short Reiki level 1 class on the 29 Palms marine base. The evidence became clear that Marines could find many uses for Reiki, from handling the stress of living in a hostile land far from home, to healing the minor aches and pains from an active life.

Students - Reiki is great for the stress of school. It helps rejuvenate the mind, aid memory, and sort priorities.


Teachers - Many of the kids that act out in class are psychic. Part of the reason they have trouble in school is that they are reacting to all restlessness and scattered energy from the children that have sat in the same classroom before them. Grounding and clearing the energy in the classroom, and adding some positive calm energy before the students arrive, makes it easier for kids to focus and pay attention.

Truck Drivers - Long distance drives are a great time to send healing to all you care about. Make your road time useful.


Urologists - Reiki is very helpful for working with kidneys, and kidney related issues.


Veterinarian - Excellent for calming stressed out animals and their owners.


Wedding Planner - Excellent for keeping the wedding party calm, happy and focused.


X-Ray Technician - Reiki helps patients be more relaxed and better able to remain still when x-rayed.


Youth Worker - Reiki is amazing for working with the stress of growing up, and with those facing adult challenges. Distance Reiki can be sent to families of those affected.


Zoologists - Reiki is great for ailing animals great and small from gerbils to tigers!