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Ten Reasons to Learn Reiki

1. Healing Yourself -

Reiki is a great way to take care of yourself. Reiki energy can heal one physically, emotionally, and from aches and pains in life with daily treatments. Espcially good for those difficult days.

2. Offering Real Aid to Those around You -

We are surrounded by people with deep needs. With Reiki we can offer comfort, hope, relief, and often real healing. When confronted with the pain of others, it is good to be able to offer something.

3. Lower Your Stress -

Stress is a known contributor to many illnesses and detractor to quality of life. Practicing Reiki upon your worries is helpful for improving your situation and eases the sense of helplessness of not being able to control the situation.

4. Increasing Your Intuition -

Reiki helps connect one to their psychic intuition and removes enough stress from the psyche to increase the understanding of emotions and strengths.

5. Spiritual Purpose -

If you feel there is something missing from life, and can't pinpoint it, you may be desiring spirituality or a purpose in life. Reiki helps deepen the connection to both and offers new tools of discovery.

6. Reduce Phobias and Emotional Issues -

Techniques using Reiki are very helpful on phobias and fears, often clearing in a single session.

7. Helping Without Judging -

Reiki is not about knowing what to do, rather it is about having the desire to help. Reiki is a wonderful way to aid intractable or difficult situations while lessening our need to solve - meaning we can always contribute.

8. Spiritual Exploration -

Techniques using Reiki are great for giving people a deeper, visceral sense of the realness of the spiritual world. Those so inclined can also use it to connect deeper to the divine, or to work with healing ghosts and spirits, and releasing past life issues.

9. Increasing Synchronicity -

The more Reiki you do, the more coincidences will tend to build up in your life to a meaningful synchronicity. May miracles flow to and from us all.

10. Community -

Holistic, spiritual people often feel very isolated. Reiki is a way we can connect to other like-minded people and increase the level of such people around us.

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