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Health Benefits of Reiki

What can Jessica's Reiki 1&2 training help?

The short answer is "just about everything." Individuals will see varied results, but I find my personal success rate for using Reiki on various is typically in the 60 - 80% range for noticeable improvement. I use a combination of traditional Reiki, ICRT-based techniques, Japanese Reiki, and osme vocal / sound-based healing. I measure these successes through simple "on a scale form 1 - 10, how do you feel" questions.

If you wish a trial experience, the best thing to do is come along for a healing night, or have a short Skype session with me. Mostly, I train people to do Reiki on themselves, and their family - to take charge of their own healing and make a difference. I am, however, happy to do sessions, but do realize they are no substitute for awakening the most powerful healers you know - you and the loved ones around you.

Preventive Medicine and Quality of Life

Just using Reiki daily is great for making life a bit smoother:
*Lowers stress level 
*Reiki people surveyed - fewer/less severe colds/illness since Reiki
*Improve Intuition/ Creativity/ Inspiration/ Synchronicity/ Happiness
*Reduce Phobias including insects, snakes, heights, enclosed spaces, flying, driving

Minor First Aid

*Relieves headaches, including migraines - reports of reduced future severity and frequency
*Lowers pain level, even for long term chronic issues – often emotional component
*Better rest, decrease insomnia (or give you something positive you can do at 3 am)
*Speed healing time of cuts/bruises/aches/strains – great for athletes
*Relieve sunburn, stomach aches

Long Term Health Challenges

*Highly recommended for person with challenge, and their close family/friends learn Reiki
*Improving Poor Circulation/Swollen Legs/Feet – similar techniques to use on Arthritis
*Excellent for decreasing pain, including long term joint pain – emotional base to pain
*Sending energy to friends/family in trouble - Accident, stroke, heart attacks
*Reduce long term issues from car accidents, other serious injuries
*Lessen Chronic Muscle Tension
*Improve autoimmue conditions such as MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia – support for bad days
*Decrease impact on body of treatments, including chemotherapy, steroids, and medications

Time of Life Issues

*Pregnancy/Early Infancy - Non-drug aid for discomforts
*Getting/staying pregnant – releasing negative emotions out of body
*Childhood/Adolescence – growing pains, bruises, hormones, test anxiety
*Surgery - Decreased need for pain medication, reductions in recovery time
*Aging/Caretaking – help aches/pains sleeping, stress physical/emotional aspects
*Death/Dying and Beyond – help family/friends cope, say goodbye, peaceful death
*Ghosts/Spirits/Ancestors – Reiki can help all souls reach next higher level of being

Emotional Healing

*Old emotional pain lodged in body – often connected to physical pain
*Emotional release – crying, laughing, anger – releases quickly out of body
*Recent pain – grief, sadness… helps cope with difficult emotional situations

Building/Space Clearing/Sacred Places

*Improve "atmosphere" of home or business – space clearing – as we live in sea of energy
*Real Estate, Retail, Meeting Places – make more likely to buy, cooperate, resolve

Sending to Difficult Situations

*Tech support, and "friend in trouble" calls - Energize phones to calm and focus callers
*Sending to family situations - complex events like weddings, business development