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Benefits: How Reiki Can Help You

Learn how atheles, executives, pets, teachers, students, parents, health care professionals, and every day people make major strides with Rekii. Learn of Jessica's innovative techniquess that cover general health, stress, phobias, migraines, pain issues and more!

As an instructor, I focus on how Reiki can be useful for more than just a stress-reduction and relaxation "spa" session, but a flexible tool for the rest of your life.

Health Benefits: Why take Jessicas Reiki1&2 classes

10 Reasons to LEARN Reiki -stress-intuition-reduce phobias and more

How Reiki can Help your Profession: Athletes to Zoologists

12 Amazing Ways to use Reiki at Home

Reiki is amazing to use on Animals

Reiki for School

Videos on Reiki