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Reiki Class Location : San Jose

For years I had been looking for a stable Reiki teaching location that was convenient to public transit (Amtrak), where people could walk to hotels and places to eat, and had off-street parking. I finally found one in downtown San Jose. Plus, the Cranial Sacral Healing Center is amazing, and has treatment rooms as well as our class room. Well worth knowing!


Cranial Sacral Therapy Center

541 W. Julian St, San Jose CA 95050 (408) 279-1122

Cranial Therapy Center website offers sessions in Cranial Therapy offers Cranial Sacral Therapy, NeuroFeedback, Yoga and other modalities




Public Transportation Options

There are plenty of buses and such. To plan your trip use the SF Bay area 511website[link] using the address above


LUNCH {within walking / short drive distance}

Students are welcome to go to lunch with the instructor, or do lunch on their own, lunch is typically 90 minues, starting somewhere between 12:30-1pm

Saturday Lunch : Chipolte Mexican Grill 1/3 mile

Sunday Lunch: Sushi Infinity 1/3 mile


Local Hotels - these can fill if there are events at the SAP center

The Arena Hotel [external link] - easy walking distance

Motel 6 San Jose Convention Center [external link] reasonable walking distance

To find local hotel options including some with a mile or so of class location.. . good engine to use is