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Reiki Class Location : La Crescenta


Nestled in the foothillls of La Crescenta (a neigborhood of Glendale), this location features easy parking behind the building, and two excellent locations for lunch within walkng disctance.

Que Linda Boutique

Offers massage, and a great gift shop that is open Saturday: Que Linda website

Directions to Que Linda Boutique

Que Linda is north of rte 210 on Foothill Blvd., between foothill, betweeen Lowell Ave and Pennyslannia Ave. (Directions)

Ample free parking behind the buiilding.


Public Transportation Options

Car is the easiest way to get to Que Linda, but public transit is possible. To plan, use the Metro Trip Planner.


Lunch (within walking distance)

Students are welcome to go to luch with the instructor, or do lunch on their own. Lunch is typically 90 minues, starting somewhere between 12:30-1pm

Saturday Lunch : Olive Branch Mediteraneian Food; Excellent Kabobs, barbecued vegtables, orange flavored rice, generous portions. Order the lunch special.

Sunday Lunch: Sakura Ichi - Japanese Food - Great Sushi, Tempura, Teriyaki and green tea icecream

Local Hotels

There are no good hotels right at the class location (though there are a few motels a mile or so away, but I have not stayed at any and have no perosnal opinion). There are a number of good options within 5 - 10 miles.

Good Nite Inn - Sylmar - Inexpensive good option about $50/night

I have stayed here. The Good Nite Inn Sylmar, it is inexpensive but feels safe. There is a McDonalds acrooss the street and a Denny's next door. It is convenient to the highway as well.

Use a hotel search engine with the street address of the class incluidng for other hotel options. [Click for link to Orbitz booking]