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A Few Minutes of Reiki, a Changed Life

Jessica Miller and Ilean M.
I (Jessica Miller) have been doing Reiki since 1992, and I continue to be amazed at what Reiki can do. It is not even, not everyone has fantastic results, and yet the amazing things happen so often, it is a wonder to see it. The people it helps most are often those that have tried many other things. As a general rule, the more things a person has tried beforehand, the more likely Reiki can help.
A recent healing night in Santa Monica was a case-in-point. I am stunned by how a few minutes of Reiki time, even during session introduction, can make a permanent and amazing change in their quality of life. This is why I keep doing Reiki.
Illean's story has all the elements that make Reiki so special. The person receiving had no expectation that anything would happen, certainly not so fast, Ilean had tried many medical and alternative modalities with limited success. I used a combination of Reiki and the body listening technique I teach in Reiki 2. The result was magical. She dropped from a pain level of 8 to 2 in minutes. By the end of the night it was not worth mentioning. The following month Ilean came to take Reiki training, then she wrote up her story. I have not changed a single word.

My Amazing Reiki Healing Night (by Ilean M)
I went to a Reiki healing night very skeptical since nothing seemed truly relieve the pain I experienced. I had a bad fall about 6 years ago and have had pain every day since then. I have been to physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture, and nothing seemed take the pain away completely. Please don’t get me wrong. All of those things helped me get less and less pain but nothing stopped it completely. The pain would set in again, maybe a little less intense, after several days, and remain until the next appointment. I had been putting a rolled towel between my neck and my pillow to sleep but still woke up with a certain amount of pain. I have also taken Chi Gong but that made my neck and shoulder worse. So I stopped doing that.


I arrived at the Reiki healing night and told Jessica the short version of my story. She asked me to sit next to her and allow her to talk to my body and work on me. To my surprise, within about 6 minutes my pain was gone! The pain has been gone for several weeks now and I no longer need the rolled towel under my neck at night. Every so often my neck and shoulders get cramped because I work on a computer all day at a stressful job but the pain lasts for only a short time after I stop using the computer and then goes away completely. I still go to the chiropractor because my hips get out of balance, not to handle pain. I still go to acupuncture but for stress, rather than for pain. My acupuncturist and chiropractor both thought Reiki would help me and it has.

Reiki Experience on Skeptical Boyfriend

by Adriana A.

I have my first success story! On Sunday after I took your Reiki 1&2 class, I tried it on my fiancé. Now mind you I love my fiancé but he is a true asshole/jerk and has no sense of tact whatsoever and will always say, uncensored, exactly what he thinks.

He told me straight up he didn't believe in this stuff and was just going along with me doing it so I would shuttup. I had made him promise before the class that he would be my test subject and so he allowed me to do a reiki healing session on him. I asked him if anything bothered him and he said his eyes hurt and he had a headache.

After the session, which put him to sleep he awoke totally amazed and astounded and said his headache was completely gone and his eyes felt great and his entire body felt refreshed and rejuvenated! He is now a complete believer and asked me this morning if I'd do another reiki session on him hehe =)


" I had an audience with 5 other master teachers and by comparison I can say, beyond any doubt, Jessica Miller is the teacher who BEST puts forth their training. She is personable, punctual and very professional, yet comes across as humble and reachable."

Susan C.


Reiki for Slowing Irritable Bowel

Reiki endlessly amazes me with things great and small that you can do with it.

I was moving furniture in the heat of Paso Robles, and one of my helpers had irritable bowels, and when he has to go, he had to go! The bathroom, however, was essentially over a block down the way. He was having enough trouble just standing still. 

So without really thinking about it, standing about 4 feet away, I motioned upwards, with a vague intent that he be able to hold it in until he got the the restroom. He said "I cant believe it but thats helping," and I replied "It is?" So I kept doing it, and walked with him to the restroom.

I could feel a little sensation. It felt like i was pushing upward a beach ball and holding it through the middle of his body. We got all the way to the restroom. He said he felt normal, like he did not have to go at all, all the urgency and the anxiety of it had gone away.

"Let's see what happens when I stop holding this," I said as he went into the restroom. So I gave him time to get to the toilet, and then I made a slight pull downward. The pressure he had before returned, except now he was somewhere he could do something about it.  

He said it was similar to how he experiences Reiki on headaches. There was no real sensation of healing, just the problem evaporated.

I have done Reiki on this man repeatedly over the years, but this he found most amazing! Miracles come in all kinds. 




Reiki 1&2

I just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing class. I feel like a new person w/ a new lease on life. In the 24 or so hours since I was released from the safety of the nest of our little Reiki oasis... I sent distance healing to my Dad. Today at work I relieved a headache, helped a pregnancy stick, and cleared the space of the exam room after a pregnancy loss. It all feels too good to be true. I'm still the person that thinks someone is gonna call my bluff one of these times but the Reiki just keeps on working. I'm sure that I'm still on cloud 99 but it feels so good. Your class was so amazing and fun. I'm really glad I was drawn to you as a teacher. It made my experience so amazing. I will keep you updated on my progress. Kirsten

"This was my first experience (with healing energy), and everything seemed so magical." Lobate S.
"I read William Rand's book ( Reiki: The Healing Touch) before class, and this class was all I expected... and more." William B.

"Powerful, fun and transformational. The most positive experience was experiencing the difference in the quality of the Reiki energy after the second attunement." Louise D.

"Wonderful, satisfying, fulfilling, not to mention the energy!" Deborah B.

"It filled something in me that I felt was lacking but could not describe. I left feeling as though I had discovered a new medium through which I could express myself and share God's love." Dennis G.

"I got to feel the Reiki energy, which made me a believer in the Reiki energy. A wonderful way to grow spiritually." Marta V

"A wonderful and enlightening way to get to know yourself and everything within, around and beyond my realm of reality. Jessica Miller is a very grounded and comfortable teacher and friend of the universe."

"Jess is a knowledge-seeker, like me - likes to understand the history and the "why". This helped my rational side. I appreciated the open-mindedness to style and ideas." Lauren S.

"I came out relaxed and healed - I feel really great and energized" Isabelle B.


"I am in a position to compare class content since I have worked with other Reiki Masters, and I was not disappointed. Her generosity in sharing info was gratifying. No pretense. It was obvious she just wanted you to succeed. I would not hesitate to refer either the instructor or the center" Anne P.
"Teacher's presentation is exceptional. Informative, uplifting and complete. It is an intensive, a lot of material is covered in three days, be prepared!" Deborah T.

"It was the most wonderful & profound experience of my life" Anna E.

"It was a wonderful weekend. I learned and experienced marvelous, new and incredible feelings and knowledge. Jessica was very knowledgeable. I especially appreciated her 'down to earth' manner and compassionate style." Beth L.

"The class surpassed my expectations. I couldn't have enjoyed it more. Jess is both very knowledgeable, and willing to admit her ignorance when she is not knowledgeable. She handled different types of people and questions very well." Nick H.

" Jessica's classes have transformed me and put me on the path I have always wanted to go. Now I'm coming back for more to further my study of Reiki in her Reiki Mastery program." Cassandra J


Karuna Reiki® Master

"It (the training) was even more powerful than Usui Master Training, opened my heart center to a new level. (During the) 1st Karuna treatment, had a powerful vision of the nature of compassion from Avalokiteshvara and Kuan Yin. Experienced moving up vibrationally into a new level of experience which was planted in my body." Diane G.
"Jessica was early for class!! She respected our time and space, she made us all welcome and was very upbeat. The energy was fantastic. Everyone should progress to the point where they can take this class." Florence M.

"It would be very difficult to explain what has happened over the last three days. How do you describe ascension to spiritual realms? My whole head is pulsing, flowing, and continues to expand. I feel as though my I've been granted something much beyond my wildest expectations. Improvements? Have the guides make a 'physical appearance - Only kidding." Susan. S.

"Indescribable, needs to be experienced. The toning and chanting were the best!" Beverly

"Word descriptions fall short of the describing the experience. Awesome! Spiritual! Opening! Empowering!. The whole experience was very very positive. Jessica's approach greatly honored Karuna, and honored us as students. It was wonderful being so honored. Jessica is a wonderful, wonderful teacher" Fred C.

Healing Headaches Testimonials

Dear Jess,
I've had some amazing experiences since the training. I am blown away by the way headaches can be cleared! My husband & one of my herbalist teachers (had her headache for 4 days) were suffering & after about 3-5 minutes of reiki, their headaches were completely gone. What a way to help people! I'm excited & happy.

Thanks so much for your energy & wonderful teachings. It has really made a big difference in my life.