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Your Healing Requests & List of Distance Healing Websites

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Healing Requests

Know that you are not alone if you or a loved one are experiencing health or life challenges. Networking can help with healing along with sending healing by / to yourself. In times like these, the power of Reiki and prayer really do shine. Volunteer energy to the universe, and practice your healing skills by sending distance healing.

Things you can do on this page:

1) Light a candle here. This site is set up to send a constant stream of Reiki to all of the requests placed within.

2) Sign up with as many other sources of Reiki Healing and Prayer you can find. Many sites offer free distance healing. Some sources are listed below the candle section.


Light a candle

I found this delightful way to send distance healing using virtual candles. I am amazed at how much positive healing energy you can feel.

Click the small "light a candle" picture to light your own Reiki healing candle. Your candle will burn here for 48 hours.

Spend a few minutes sending healing to the candles below. You can also click "All Candles" to send healing to other people's candles from all over the world.

To see the text associated with any one candle, click the candle below.



Online Free Reiki Distance Healing Sites & Prayer

Every life has its moments of hecticness. When you or your loved ones need some compassion and healing, power in numbers behind prayer and Reiki can help, too. The ideal is to have people in your social circle lend their time, but others may want to reach out and help you as well.

There are many sites on the internet where you can request, or even offer to do distance healing and pratyer

The most important thing to do is look

Do your own Search

I have included a few sites I personally reccomend, but these kind of sites come and go frequently. So if any of the links no longer work, a quick search engine inquiry of "Reiki Free Distance Healing" or "Prayer Requests" are among related options.

Sites I have found Healing Request Site

When I want to receive distance healing, I usaully put my requests on this site. Here I know the requests get tended to.


This site has links for many different free healing sites.

Prayer Sites

These are also great sites I have used: