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Lotus Product Info

Crystal Lotus Grid  © 2004, 2015 Jessica Miller

These beautiful lotuses work very well as crystal grids to send Reiki energy to all your concerns. These grids fit easily in with any décor, making them suitable for home, business and office.  These grids are preprogrammed with the following affirmation:

“May this grid be a permanent storage unit and gateway
            For sending Reiki energy to all the requests placed within
                        And to areas of the world that need it”
 “May this grid be used by my guides and the divine
            To send energy, wisdom and resources for success and growth
                        To aid me and those whose lives I touch, for the betterment of all.”
“May any energy in this room above and beyond
what is needed for the proper functioning of the this grid
Be sent to the requests within and the areas of the world that need it.”

How to Recharge Your Reiki Lotus Grid Daily

Once a day, charge the grid by placing one hand over it and intending healing energy into it for 1 to 3 minutes. You can intend the healing energy by
* Reciting Affirmations “Fill this grid with ____ for all I care about”
(fill in the blank in the affirmation with words like light, joy, health, success, wisdom,..etc) Say each one 3 times, intending energy into grid
* Asking the Reiki angels to charge it for you (Reiki or non-reiki people)
* Beaming Reiki into your grid (Reiki 1)
* Drawing Reiki symbols into it (Reiki 2 and above)
* Use the method taught in the ART/Master Class
If you are going to be gone for a few days, simply intend that the grid be charged for that long, or if extra charge is needed, imagine the grid sitting in front of you and use a distance symbol to connect to it, then charge it through the imaginary grid.

How to Place your requests in the Grid:

Most people like to put their healing requests in writing. Put the requests in the box that the lotus comes in, or a vase or box beside it. Other people like to use ‘virtual requests’ by thinking the request as they hold their hand over the lotus

Crystal Grids in the Healing Room or Class Room

Healing grids are also useful in the healing room and class room. These grids have been programmed to not only send Reiki to the requests within, but also to help moderate the energy level of the room. This can be very helpful for balancing the level of energy, to keep students and clients comfortable.

Clearing and Cleaning Your Reiki Grid.

No special equipment is needed to clean your grid. A bit of paper towel with glass cleaner should do it. Clearing is also not needed, unless you are planning to use your grid by placing it directly on a human body (not the way most use them).

Repairing your Crystal Grid

Use any glue or epoxy that is fast acting and good for glass. Grids work, even if they are missing petals.