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My Intro to Reiki Videos & REIKI on TV

Want to watch some great videos on Reiki? In the left column are my introductory videos on Reiki, the right column has an assortment of TV segments on Reiki. Enjoy.


My Intro to Reiki Videos

Part 1: Jess introduces Reiki

Part 2: Jess introduces Reiki

Part 3: Jess introduces Reiki

Background on my videos

I did these videos as an introducing someone else to Reiki for the the first time. This was my first "real" video experience. I wanted the videos to feel natural. I am not an actor, so I chose to explain Reiki to someone who does not know it already. My filmmaker friend found an actor, not to act, but just someone comfortable with being on camera to have a conversation when sitting shoulder to shoulder. This looks so natural on film, but I needed some getting used to in person.

Then I just simply talked to him. Explaining a bit more than I normally would to make a video, but his reactions and all else was real. Part 2 has nearly twice as many hits as part 1 or 3, because that is where, in addition to Reikii I did a bit of overtoning sound healing into his shoulder, along with the Reiki. Many people were curious, asking "What was that?" and rewatched the overtone video.

When the video was made, we fully expected it to get only a few hundred hits. We are over 300,000! Many people have been introduced with Reiki, decided to take my classes, or just expanded there idea of what was possible by watching!


Reiki Photo Album

A Look into the Past

A collection of photos of early Reiki practitioners.


Reiki on TV

Excerpts from some TV News Shows that have featured Reiki






Spanish TV





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Fox News

Hyakuten Inamoto

[Japanese Reiki Master) On Italian TV (Speaking in English)