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What are Online Sessions Like?

It is amazing how much energy work you can get done in 20 minutes. Many people benefit by having a series of sessions, but this is not practical to fit into our busy lives. Here comes internet video communication and the miracle of distance reiki to the rescue! You can do sessions just over the phone, but it is so much easier when you can actually see the person you are working on. I have received lots of feedback from people that they enjoy watching me perform Reiki on them, and seeing my feedback.

I recently did a series of these Sessions on Karin.

Schedule an Online Session

First, Karin responded to an e-mail I sent out talking about online sessions and requested one. Karin is a Reiki master I trained, and she needed a bit of extra help. Being Reiki-trained doesn't mean you can fix everything by yourself; sometimes we need other people. Karin has had a life long issue with bladder infections and related difficulties.

Karin lives about 1 hour from me, so distance Reiki sessions seemed like a great idea to both of us. Plus, I was going to be traveling to Indiana. This way we could still do the sessions even though I would be 2000 miles away.

Karin already had Skype installed, and had a webcam. If she didn't, this could still be easily fixed. So we set up a time, and each texted the other when we were ready, then initiated Skype.

I recommend Skype and Webcam whether or not you need Online Reiki Sessions

Skype is a free service ( and many computers already have a webcam, if not, buying a webcam is about $50, sometimes cheaper. Whether you get an online session with me or not, install Skype and get a webcam. If you have friends and family you don't see very often, consider Skype, it is like being there to see the other person. Also you can decide on each call if you use the video feature or not, you can just do sound (like a phone call), or text to each other. I am using it to keep in touch with my friends in Japan. It is so amazing to see people and chat like you were there!

Online Session with Karin

This is a picture of Karin receiving Reiki, She was so relaxed!

This was session 4, of what ended up being a series of 4 daily sessions. Every day we would do a session, and decide at the end of the session when and whether to schedule the next one. Every session was different and seemed to work with different aspects of her issues. The first few were much more emotional, releasing the emotional energy blocks that had kept this area unhealed for so long. The later sessions were increasingly relaxed. By the fourth day, she was feeling well enough that we could skip a few days and see how she is doing. We will keep working together, and sessions will become less frequent until we agree she is past the issue and doesn't need to continue.


This is a picture of my screen. You can see me in the lower left corner sending Reiki. Her screen would have had a big picture of me sending Reiki, and a little picture of her in the corner.

After session 2 she reported she had been pain free for the first time in months for about 3 hours, and tried to stay hopeful this was a good sign. By session 4 she didn't mention the pain issue at all and seemed much better. I have high hopes that Reiki will help her body finally heal itself completely.

Karin's Comments

My name is Karin and I am a student of Jessica's at the Master level as I find Reiki to be an amazing tool at clearing energetic and emotional blocks; it is a staple in my life.

I have been experiencing huge challenges in a certain portion of my body for the last 4 months and have been getting acupuncture weekly and chiropractic kinesiology every 2 weeks with mild relief.

I received a newsletter from Jessica and it prompted me to tell her about my persistent problem and I asked her to send me some Reiki. She instantly replied stating she was out of town but that we could do a Skype session on-line and I jumped at the chance. It was an amazing experience, extremely effective, vibrationally peaceful, wonderfully flexible, and cost efficient.

I highly recommend long distance Skype sessions; they are just as powerful as being in the same room with Jessica. I am getting much better with each session. Try it, you will gain great benefit from the sessions! Thank you Jessica!

Karin T.
Redondo Beach, California