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Book Sessions, Consulting for Jessica

I charge the same amount for private Reiki session, Reiki business tutoring and Reiki skills tutoring.


Private Sessions and Tutoring RATES


Online / Distance (Skype / Phone) - $80 per hour

For online, Skype, text Reikijess. For phone, contact my listed phone number listed in my contact information. (Currently 1-626-963-3533.)

$20 per mini-session. This typically is 15 minutes long, including talk and work time.

$40 per session. This is typically 30 minutes, including talk and work time

Charge is by checking time at start and end of session. Payments are taken through PayPal, to



This is only possible if we can work out our schedule together.

$100 session - typically 1 hour.

$350 + travel/hotel expenses. I will make a special trip to your location and do several sessions in a 24-hour period midweek.



How to get an in-person session, even though I do not do many:

I live on the coast about half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. I teach nearly every weekend, do online admin work, and need time for myself as we all do. Therefore, I do not have a lot of time for in-person sessions.

If you want an in-person session, especially if you want a series of sessions on a regular basis, I would recommend going to to find a practitioner near you. Since I have trained so many people in California, many of the people on this site are those I have personally trained.

I typically teach one weekend a month in each major area I teach. Check my schedule here. In my San Jose area, La Crescenta area, and Santa Monica classes, I host Friday night Reiki Introduction night. This is a great time to meet me, let me work on you a few minutes, and get a sense if Reiki is going to be useful to you. Another plus is othe possibility to meet other Reiki practioners.

I can do in-person sessions the morning after the class, typically Monday but sometimes Tuesday. My available hours are between 10 am and 2 pm. This depends on whether the class is Saturday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday. I also have a 3 - 5 hour drive home to look forward to.

If you really want an inperson session, get my contact information here.


"How Many Reiki Sessions do I need?"

Some challenges can be reoslved in a single session, but others require more. Generally, a series of 4 sessions can resolve a small issue. Chronic diseases and high stress may require an intensive initial series of sessions, followed by less-frequent maintenance sessions. The frequency of sessions is determined jointly by the practitioner and the client. Typically, far more issues get resolved for the client than their particular concern. Reiki works on the whole body and soul, not just a single symptom.


Online sessions and Consulting


Have Jessica consult on your Reiki Sessions:

Are you a Reiki practioner that feels that your client needs something more? I am available for Reiki Consultation.


Have Jessica Send Energy to your Business, do a Reiki Space Clearing & More:

I also consult on those who would like Reiki sent to their business and areas of concern. I do space clearing, sending energy for contracts, events to go smoothly, employee relations, and more. This is of course not a replacement for good management, but there are so many factors in any business that are outside of conscious control. Being able to send Reiki works with these factors to help for a more smoothly-run business.

Have Jessica Help improve your Holistic Business

I offer business consulting to holistic businesses that want help on their business cards, brochures, handouts, etc. Also this offer is to Reiki people looking to improve their teaching.


Private Reiki Classes

Private classes are possible, especially if you have several friends or family members also interested. Ideally, I schedule these on weekdays, as I am already booked most weekends with my standard classes. In general, attending the public classes is better because you get a diversity of people, problems, and viewpoints to work with. I, however, certainly understand that some people due to fame, distance, or affliction prefer a more intimate environment.

I charge the same rate per person for private classes as I do public ones, plus travel expenses. I also include a free review at a public class at a later date, so you will also have that experience if you so decide.