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About ReikiMastery- Jessica Miller

Reiki Mastery is the personal website of Reiki Master Teacher Jessica Miller; I have been teaching Reiki since 1993!

My Teaching Style and Philosophy

I believe teaching Reiki is not just about teaching students the art of Reiki healing, but equally about empowering the individual student to believe in themselves, their abilty to think about Reiki logically, and their ability to make positive change in the world.

Unlike most forms of holistic healing and medicine, Reiki is about both table sessions and giving the individual tools to make their life, and the lives of the people around them, better in a myriad of ways. My teaching style emphasizes professionalism; combined with a deep belief in the power of causal, everyday Reiki to solve problems and transform lives.

You might also enjoy looking at the Reiki Videos page I have made for a sense of my personality, style and techniques.

My Background

Orignially, I am from Massachusetts, but I moved to the great Los Angeles area in the late 90's. Then I moved to Cambria on California's central coast in 2011. I teach in both the San Jose and Glendale areas.

I majored in biology in college, and minored in computers. I have also always had an interest in metaphysics. I combine both of these in my teaching of Reiki. Students are not just taught rules, but testable principles in how to use Reiki that builds confidence.

I encountered Reiki in the summer of 1992, and learned from a senior student of Diane Steins. I went on to get most of the Reiki books in print, and became a Reiki Master in 1993. Of all the books, I liked best Wiliam Rand's Reiki: The Healing Touch, and so repeated all my training with William Rand. I trained with several other Professional Licensed teachers.. I got very interested in what was emerging about the history of Reiki in Japan. I started going to Japan yearly to learn as much as I could, and to spend time on the mountain where Reiki started, which led to my writing my book, Reiki's Birthplace.



Class Focus is on You

I have taught literally over 2000 students over the last 20 years. Every class is different than every other class, and they are all amazing. Part of what keeps me interested in teaching all of these years is keeping each class connected to the issues and students in that class, and how Reiki can be of service.

More about Jessica

My Teachers & Lineage

Who my Reiki Teachers are, and what I learned from each. What my Reiki Lineage both of western and Japanese Reiki is:

Lineage and Teachers

Student Testimonials

Lovely, truthful, and marvelous statements form some of the many people that got a lot out of my Reiki Teaching:


My Story

Learn more about my background, including links to Rubel castle and other amazing things:

All about me